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Protected: A day around the north.

23 Aug

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22 Aug

Wanted to continue blogging on the previous week but realised that I have a more burning topic in my mind.

As the week passed by, I come to find out that life is really so interesting. It’s interestingly funny how each and every one of us struggle with it. Trying so hard everyday to be happie, to fulfil our needs and to pursue our dreams. In exchange, we would need to give up many things, to feel hurt, angry or whatsoever. Have we actually stopped on our tracks for a moment and think whether is this all worth doing so??

Life is short. It really is. Time flies too. So maybe that’s the reason why life is short. In one short week, or maybe I would say just one weekend, I have had many fluctuations in my emotions and feelings. For a moment I could be feeling positive and happie, while the next, I would been feeling helpless and lost. While reading through some of the tweets from my beloved friends, I could feel that they were happie while replying and exchanging tweets. Sometimes, happiness is just that simple. However, most people would not think so and believe that happiness is not that easily achieved. While pursuing happiness, we could be doing all sorts of things in order to reach our desired goals and aims. On the other hand, have we actually thought that we might have accidentally or indirectly hurt the ones around us?? And while we hurt them, they might be hurting others. Is it like a vicious cycle?? That we have to hurt others in order to feel happie?? Do we have to take others’ happiness and treat it as ours?? I don’t know. What do you think??

Can we all be happie?? Or is there a place whereby it sells happiness??

A week in the office.

18 Aug

Surprise, surprise! What a surprise for me this week. Or should I say last week? Things have been happening in the office and more particularly to me of course for the past few days that I felt like a month or so has actually passed instead of just one week!

First up! All of a sudden, Car-door became pretty nice to me again. Could it be the magic of my lao-po-bing that I bought for her from HK? Initially, I was being ‘appointed’ to take care of a new temp called ‘WIS (my dear Edward gor)’ by our dearest Drain. And we were ‘posted’ to our cosy and countryside corner near the toilet! I was like okay, I don’t really care where I sit actually cause I would be busy with my phone most of the time. So let it be. Then I came to realise from S bitch that he put me there with a chui temp so if anything were to happen, he could use it as an excuse to scold me. How childish could you be my dear friend? You are not young anymore so can you please just grow up? Anyway, WIS is actually quite a nice person to talk to honestly speaking. He never fails to make me laugh. Just a simple example – I brought some food from HK to the office one day, shared a biscuit with him. So he asked me where I went, I told him HK. He asked, ‘Macau?’ I said, ‘No, HK.’ He went, ‘Oh, Macau ah??’ Cause the biscuit was actually a famous brand in Macau but of course I bought it in HK. And of course, like expected from Drain, there was also the down side of WIS. To put in short, he is just a bit slow in learning things which makes me pek cek sometimes. So don’t really feel like talking to him at times. And just when I was kinda sians with sitting with him, Car-door came knocking on my door and told me that she felt like changing our seats, allowing me and S bitch to sit together since we are going to leave soon already. (Partly I felt that it was due to the fact that I kept walking along the alley to talk to S bitch and thus she wanted to save herself the trouble to see me up and down, up and down the alley all the time. Or maybe she was really being nice??) So last Friday, we changed seats! And of course, all good things come with a price to pay.

Okay, kinda tired already. Shall continue tomorrow folks! Nights! =)

Protected: Test.

16 Aug

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Another day in life.

16 Aug

What the hell, even when I wanna blog and rant out what I feel also cannot. Seriously, FML. Whatever it is, I can’t be bothered anymore. To all: Nobody will ever see the real side of me from now on. I am sick and tired of sharing my stuff anymore. Just go ahead and say that I am whatever whatever. Sorry but I don’t quite care.

I just want to protect myself from now on. It is not deserving to be nice to anybody. All you get in return is disappointments and heartaches. P.S. I did not expect anything in return before I decided to go ahead with doing anything. Not everybody is looking out for something in return or a reward constantly. Plus nobody can give me anything that I want. Please do not look too highly of yourself.


15 Aug

Okay, so this is gonna be my first actual blog post and I have decided to privatize it actually. Therefore, I believe nobody would be able to read it apart from myself. Ultimately, I would publicise it again because I know some MGM would bug me to do so. Anyway, I shall start my blog proper.

Purpose of blog: Place for me to rant out my feelings and thoughts?? Since I think Facebook is like too open and even now in Twitter I can’t tweet as I like. Hope that my blog won’t turn out to be another place for peeps to attack me too. Hahaha!

Well, so it was a boring day at work. And here is a breakdown of how it goes.

8am: Mood – Just woke up, dreading to go to work.

And so I thought I was supposed to start work at 830 and I happily strolled into the office thinking that I was damn early and wanted to accompany my bitch for a while before I start work. Luckily, I took a look at the attendence and realised in time that I was supposed to start at 8! Okay, as usual my computer was slow and again needed to log in using Shawn bitch’s IPCC. Day started badly thus far.

9am: Mood – Starting to feel the Monday Bruise!

Boring boring day was starting to kick in when the two girls of the supposedly Sims 4 were busy gossiping and catching up on their respective weekend and hmmm, er, S bitch was kinda busy doing his stuff too. Else, he would be busy chatting on his phone on Whatsapp with whoever he knows who I am talking about. Anyway, then he was complaining why the girls were ignoring us. Told him to just let them be because they were catching up about the weekend and maybe we could do so too. But wait, okay we kinda spent the weekend together again. MGM TTM! Sians! hahahaha!

10am till 12pm: Mood – Rotting my life away in the office.

Thus far, I was just feeling super moody and grumpy. Maybe due to the few irritating calls that I received and that nobody bothered talking to me. Hais, well maybe I should find something to do to entertain myself. Shall not rely on the girls and also S bitch since he said that he was not obliged to talk to me. Therefore, I looked for my mei to talk since he looked for his HTHT friend. Luckily, she was online for a while and I started talking to her. Hahahaha! I felt kinda bitchy. Well, when was I not right somebody must be thinking…

Well, I feel like my entry is getting too wordy so I shall try to cut short it. Anyway, like anyway again, after lunch things were slightly better. S bitch started talking to me a bit and was like disturbing me with his blog entry when I had already read through it like 10 minutes before. Just plain irritating and bitchy. Hahahaha just like me! TTM. Just admit it you! While sitting in the office, many things came through my mind. Maybe cause it is Monday, maybe it is the time of the month, maybe, maybe. Just too many maybes going through my mind. Just can’t keep things off my mind. Maybe I should really take some time off myself and think through about stuff. This is serve me, my family and friends around me well. I suppose??

Time to re-think about how I should behave and act like from now on. Things are getting a little out of hand again. Maybe I am just thinking too much (I hope!) or maybe I am the one taking things for granted and also too seriously at the same time. Too manay things that I want to say but maybe just too many to be penned down now. Hahahaha! Probably I should not publicise my blog afterall cause nobody will bother to read it. So bladly long, I feel. Just one question in my mind now: What do I actually want? =(

Still thinking of going back to Hong Kong cause there is where I feel like home and feel more at ease. Without any troubles and problems to think about. Maybe again, I am just trying to avoid facing problems!

My shuai nephew and his admirer! =)

Kids are so cute and they do not have to bother about any problems. All they have to do is to play and have fun. How I wished I could always stay at that phase of life! =(

I really don’t know what I am feeling now but I am just feeling very vexed up and fudged up. Hahahaha what exactly do I want? What should I do? Be myself? Or just fake a ‘myself’ to suit into the environment? But the environment is now rejecting me, so yea tell me somebody, what should I do exactly?

My first entry.

15 Aug


Hi to the people of the world, this is my very first entry of my personal blog. Kinda a bit not sure what to do or what to write. Was actually feeling kinda emo and moody before I signed up for my WordPress account but right now my bitch buddy keeps on disturbing me until all my thoughts and feelings are gone. (That mgm ttm seriously!)

Anyway, currently having many mixed and confused feelings. Like as usual about that. Maybe I should sort out my emotions before doing a proper post tonight! Okay so tata for now!

Suddenly feel like flying to Hong Kong once more! =(