A week in the office.

18 Aug

Surprise, surprise! What a surprise for me this week. Or should I say last week? Things have been happening in the office and more particularly to me of course for the past few days that I felt like a month or so has actually passed instead of just one week!

First up! All of a sudden, Car-door became pretty nice to me again. Could it be the magic of my lao-po-bing that I bought for her from HK? Initially, I was being ‘appointed’ to take care of a new temp called ‘WIS (my dear Edward gor)’ by our dearest Drain. And we were ‘posted’ to our cosy and countryside corner near the toilet! I was like okay, I don’t really care where I sit actually cause I would be busy with my phone most of the time. So let it be. Then I came to realise from S bitch that he put me there with a chui temp so if anything were to happen, he could use it as an excuse to scold me. How childish could you be my dear friend? You are not young anymore so can you please just grow up? Anyway, WIS is actually quite a nice person to talk to honestly speaking. He never fails to make me laugh. Just a simple example – I brought some food from HK to the office one day, shared a biscuit with him. So he asked me where I went, I told him HK. He asked, ‘Macau?’ I said, ‘No, HK.’ He went, ‘Oh, Macau ah??’ Cause the biscuit was actually a famous brand in Macau but of course I bought it in HK. And of course, like expected from Drain, there was also the down side of WIS. To put in short, he is just a bit slow in learning things which makes me pek cek sometimes. So don’t really feel like talking to him at times. And just when I was kinda sians with sitting with him, Car-door came knocking on my door and told me that she felt like changing our seats, allowing me and S bitch to sit together since we are going to leave soon already. (Partly I felt that it was due to the fact that I kept walking along the alley to talk to S bitch and thus she wanted to save herself the trouble to see me up and down, up and down the alley all the time. Or maybe she was really being nice??) So last Friday, we changed seats! And of course, all good things come with a price to pay.

Okay, kinda tired already. Shall continue tomorrow folks! Nights! =)


2 Responses to “A week in the office.”

  1. 3blackstripes August 18, 2011 at 4:11 pm #

    hello dont ti ti S bitch S bitch hor.

    its time u call me S gor

  2. 3blackstripes August 18, 2011 at 4:11 pm #

    u bloody jacket thief.

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