22 Aug

Wanted to continue blogging on the previous week but realised that I have a more burning topic in my mind.

As the week passed by, I come to find out that life is really so interesting. It’s interestingly funny how each and every one of us struggle with it. Trying so hard everyday to be happie, to fulfil our needs and to pursue our dreams. In exchange, we would need to give up many things, to feel hurt, angry or whatsoever. Have we actually stopped on our tracks for a moment and think whether is this all worth doing so??

Life is short. It really is. Time flies too. So maybe that’s the reason why life is short. In one short week, or maybe I would say just one weekend, I have had many fluctuations in my emotions and feelings. For a moment I could be feeling positive and happie, while the next, I would been feeling helpless and lost. While reading through some of the tweets from my beloved friends, I could feel that they were happie while replying and exchanging tweets. Sometimes, happiness is just that simple. However, most people would not think so and believe that happiness is not that easily achieved. While pursuing happiness, we could be doing all sorts of things in order to reach our desired goals and aims. On the other hand, have we actually thought that we might have accidentally or indirectly hurt the ones around us?? And while we hurt them, they might be hurting others. Is it like a vicious cycle?? That we have to hurt others in order to feel happie?? Do we have to take others’ happiness and treat it as ours?? I don’t know. What do you think??

Can we all be happie?? Or is there a place whereby it sells happiness??


2 Responses to “Life.”

  1. i am not shawn August 22, 2011 at 3:23 am #

    Why need to hurt others to be happy? Happiness is subjective. Some could eat bcm and feel happy. Some prefers others to be happy and gain happiness from it. And there isn’t any where u can buy happiness, unless u mean sex, then geylang

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