Words are just that simple.

24 Jan

In everyday life, each and everyone of us would have many many thoughts going through our minds and we would ponder about different stuff all the time. Today is a very special day. Why do I think it is a special day?? The reason being that I have many clear thoughts going through my mind. Very clear. I can foresee very much what would eventually happen at the end of this day. I can predict what will be said to me when this day comes to an end. More interestingly, I can see myself slowly transforming into a social hermit soon. Or maybe, to put on such a thick mask over my face that I would not even know who I am sooner or later.

I am so sick and tired of having to read into people’s minds and having to react according to what they wish or hope the way that I would. Like I have always mentioned on Twitter, the line of the year for me in 2012 will be, “Human beings are willing to do just anything to get what they want. Great.” To be honest, I want to end the sentence with the word ‘Fake’ instead. And again, to make things sound nicer and not to offend anybody unnecessarily, I beautified my sentence. Nobody owes me a loving. Similarly, I do not owe anybody a living. However, I am really really tired. Oh come on, do not try to beautify or comfort me with nice words because…well never mind. I guess I am very tired today. Really. I should not write an entry today because I know that I would end up sounding like some angsty bird trying to vent my frustrations about somebody. I should just stop here. Give myself an early night. Think through some stuff before penning a proper entry.

Anyway, I really think that great psychologists and psychiatrists must have gone through their fair share of mentalĀ problems, or else how could they understand their patients so well?? Maybe I should consider being one.

Oh and trust me. I do not bother my family or friends with my problems anymore. Thank you.


2 Responses to “Words are just that simple.”

  1. expertism January 26, 2012 at 12:41 pm #

    when you can’t pen down ur thoughts via twitter, blog shld be the place whr u can be true to urself. if u tink u shldn’t blog just bcos the post wun sound nice or look nice, u aint even giving yourself the platform to be true to urself. doesnt matter whether it’s private, pw-protected or public, as long as u have a place to pen down your inner thoughts it’ll make u feel better. if u dun feel lyk sharing ur problems with some1, share it with ur blog. cos it’ll nv betray u if it’s set to private:)

  2. expertism January 26, 2012 at 4:47 pm #

    Ur blog shld be a personal space whr u r free to express what u want, so dun wry abt how ppl may judge u frm ur blog entries. If they dun lyk, they simply dun read, tt’s all. Every1 needs their own space to vent their frustrations from everyday life, u r no exception

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