Hello there.

30 Jan

This is weird. Am I so vocabulary-less or is it that I am always feeling like this?? Nothing serious but the title of this entry was originally ‘Another day in LIFE’ which coincidentally was the title of another of my earlier entries. Okay, just a weird coincidence. No big deal. Big deal is dead.

Well, today is kind of a tiring day. Had lessons from 830am all the way till 630pm. Almost died. Maybe I should really heed Daniel Tan’s advice and start sleeping earlier so as to study more in the day. This should be the hangover effects from the past week of cny though. Hopefully I would be able to adapt back to my normal lifestyle very soon again and start to mug like a dog.

Anyways, cny was kinda boring. First, of course due to the sudden happening of a particular event that kind of disrupted my cny mood on the very 1st day. Okay shall heed my good friend (expertism)’s advice and just feel free to blog about another that I want to. Well, indeed still trying hard to accept the cold hard fact that came in that day but nevertheless, I am trying. Thanks to cny too that I had the company of my family and friends or vice versa in my family’s case. Hahaha I felt more like a chauffeur all the time after getting my license. Well, maybe I should try blogging about cny for tonight and type more about how I feel in these days. Had a bit of thoughts again. I am a thinker!!

So day 1 of cny was an usual practice of going to a couple of temples to pray. After visiting a few different temples and reading up a couple of different fortune telling books, I do think that this would not be a very good year for me. All of them said that this would not be a good year for dragons!! Is it true?? I am not sure about this since the new year is only 1 week old. However, from what the descriptions of the year say, it seem kind of true. Shall not dwell into that too much. And oh yes, I promised myself not to believe or read too much into this anymore. Honestly, I do not normally believe them (be it the zodiac or horoscope thingy) but I just find them amazing that sometimes they seem to be accurate. I believe that fate is always in one’s hands. Okay, getting a bit far for day 1. So after the praying, my 3 cute sisters and I went for some movie-ing in the evening!! Great time spent with them. I really regret not spending enough time with them previously. Well though I must admit that I was too young and immature way back then to understand the importance of my family.

Day 2 was also the usual practice of the ‘open year meal’ for my family so I had to get up really early in the morning to drive my mummy to the market at Jurong East to get her roast meat stuff and to prepare all other necessary things before my 2 sisters and their hubby and son arrived. After a pretty sumptous meal at home, we moved over to my 3rd sister’s house to ‘rot’. Had a game of blackjack where I won $1.40 with bets of 10c, 20c. There after, we moved again to my eldest sister’s place for dinner. Superbly tired day it was that I dropped motionless once I reached home. Okay that was exaggerating but I was really tired that day.

Wednesday was normal or rather boring. It was just a normal day and I woke up in the afternoon!! Just rotted the day away doing pretty much nothing and lucky enough to realise the fact that I had school the following day.

Thursday was a much better day. Long it was again as lessons spanned the whole day long. However, I was energetic by the fact that I was going to have a game of mahjong at night with Shawn and Sherry and friend A and B.

Well, want to know more about friends A and B?? Stay tuned to tomorrow morning or afternoon as I am going to take a break now and continue tomorrow. My mind is not working already. Good night.


4 Responses to “Hello there.”

  1. expertism January 31, 2012 at 2:56 am #

    Wth mind nt working still write so long. U r really long-winded HAHAHA!

    • numbintheheart January 31, 2012 at 10:49 am #

      hahaha I was telling Shawn that I had been writing for like 30 mins and I still dint know what I was writing cause I was busy tweet talking with some people…okok shall be more short winded and straight fwd later…

  2. Sherry January 31, 2012 at 6:17 am #

    I wanna know more!!!!! ;p

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