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15 Feb

About Shawn. 2000 words. Done.


Hi, my friend.

15 Feb

Everybody is born in a different way with an unique character. Nobody is perfect and no one can fully understand another person. I always try to put in an effort to understand each and every of my friends ’cause I care and they all mean something to me. Something very important. Well though, that’s not exactly the case for this particular friend of mine whom I have been contacting pretty much recently. It is a she and I am definitely not trying to chase after her. I just treat her as a friend of mine who has pretty much alike favourites as me. A nice friend to talk to definitely and I like her being very 大喇喇, very herself. I like this as a friend ’cause she is always being true and not acting like a hypocrite in front of me. Very honest and true person. However, I really have some problems trying to understand her. On one hand, I like her being very 大喇喇 and straight forward, on the other, I feel that she is pretty fierce and has a real short fuse. Well, I do not judge people from what they say and I hear. I receive feedbacks from her friends that she gets angry very easily. However, I always like to understand and judge ‘the book and its contents’ using my own eyes.

So, recently, I met her for lunch after a haircut. Ever since, we had been apps-ing pretty often and I started to understand her more than before. Cautiously, I would always try to draw a very clear line at first due to the feedbacks about her being a bit sensitive and with a short fuse. As we talked more often, I realised that she is a nice to talk to person and can be a fun loving girl too. As such, I started to crack some lame jokes and talked crap with her. She would very frequently talked about her Ka Wing (郑嘉颖) and I would act shy that she is talking about me but I would also spend much time trying to convince her that our names are different actually though I am called Ka Wing too but my Chinese name is 家荣 instead.

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. Our friend, Kian Tiong, posted a picture of a Stitch flower boutique, which is obviously made up of many Stitch plush toys as the flowers. I love it, it’s so cute and obviously as a Stitch fan like me, she likes it too. And she went on to comment that if I could look for it and get it for her, she is willing to be my 江若琳. Obviously, I am not looking for that but I went on to find whether the boutique is really for sale. I would not say that it’s really hard to find but I did spent an effort to look for it. Thus, I decided that I should get it for her for her birthday which is coming up next month. And trust me, it does really require some effort to even make an order for it. Reason for getting it for her: Like I mentioned earlier, not to chase her but it’s really hard to find somebody who has the same favourite cartoon character as me. That is why I really do not mind getting it for her as I think I would be happie to see her smiling when she receives the boutique.

After I found out where I could get the boutique, I told her about it. She asked me where I found it and how much is it. Obviously I would not reveal as I was planning to send her as a surprise birthday gift. I did told her that if I managed to solve the problem of ordering then she would be receiving one from me. She mentioned that she was not really looking for me to buy it for her. I know and understand that she meant it. I also know that she has the financial means definitely to buy it for herself. Hello, I am not trying to impress/beg/INSULT you in any way by wanting to get it for you right?? Please do not misunderstand my intentions if you do not know them. I also recognised that I should not have brought it up so often throughout the day, especially when I had the intention of surprising you with it for your birthday. On that part itself, it was my bad. I recognised it. However, I am not happie with the fact that you shared this with your di and mei, especially the my apology for you. I think that it’s a matter between just the two of us and I do not appreciate that you shared it with somebody else, especially somebody whom I know as well. In turn, I received a lecture on magicians not using the same trick throughout the whole show. First up, I am not a magician or a clown. I do not do things to amuse people nor do I need the person to appreciate what I do. Secondly, I always use the same, old 梗 with my other friends for even up to a month. They might not laugh at it but they do not get angry. I simply think that your views are biased. Lastly, I do not need a lecture on how I should act and behave. I should do and act the way that I want to, and please do not think that I know her that well that I know when she meant it or when she does not. I am not as close as you with her. I believe that I have said worse things than what happened yesterday and yet she did not get angry back then.

Overall, I think that it’s purely a misunderstanding between the two of us. Things are not as serious as sounded by her in Twitter. It’s too serious the way that she had put it across. To me, it’s just a joke that I have overused unknowingly. That’s all. It should just end there and that’s it. You are still a very nice friend of mine whom I can spend time talking to and you are a helpful friend who is willing to help my friend to book a chalet for her 21st birthday. Everybody has their flaws. Nobody is perfect. We just misunderstood each other but things end here. Thank you.

Irritating day.

10 Feb

A good day turned bad just by the snap of fingers.

Today was supposed to be a pretty good day for a boring person like me but a small little incident just turned it bad totally for me. And I am under constant fire now. And oh my god, my mother is not working tomorrow. Which means to say that I would not be able to get my beauty sleep tomorrow. Oh dear.

Managing to wake up early in the morning on 3 hours of sleep, I went for my Econometrics class at 830. Was boring as usual and Kelvin triggered me to check on my Weibo account for any new updates by the celebrities whom I have been following. While browsing through the updates, I came to realise that 江若琳’s new movie has just been released the day before and immediately I started to ‘jio’ people to watch with me. Without any doubt, I knew beforehand that the movie was gonna be pretty predictable, boring and without much substance. However, I would still insist to watch it as 江若琳 is the female lead in it. Oh my god. She is just so cute. And so a very nice person in the mould of Kelvin agreed to catch it with me after he checked that we could get the tickets at student price and on the condition that we would watch it at NEX. Well, for 江若琳, anything goes. Even Tampines would be like next door for me.

With an excited heart, we drove to NEX after class and had BK for lunch. To be honest, I pretty much like to talk to Kelvin. Sometimes seeerious, and yet at times very lame and funnie. He never fails to make me smile. A nice person indeed, just a tad too insistent at times though. Anyways, after lunch, we walked a bit since there was still time to burn (shows how fast I always drive!!). Went to Starbucks in a bid to get the Valentine’s Day collectible tumbler but sadly, it was already out of stock pretty much long ago according to the staff. Should not had been lazy all this while and not visit any outlet earlier to get it. And soon it was time for movie.

In the cinema, true to the fact that the seats are very much comfy to sit and lean on, and we were chattering away again while waiting for the trailers to start. In came more people and they were mainly the student and the older crowd. We kinda looked weird in there. Something that caught our eyes was this row of students who actually chose to sit with an uncle in between them. For example, the row has 5 seats, numbered 1-5. There were 4 of them and they sat in the seats numbered 1, 3-5 while the uncle, who we were sure they do not know, sat in the 2nd seat. Weird? There were available and empty rows behind them. And now time for the movie!

Oh my god!!! 江若琳 is just so cute!!! That’s all that I can say when she first came onto the screen. I was bugging Kelvin throughout the movie about how cute she was and I was acting like some crazy fan over her. Reaction from Kelvin: nonchalent as usual but I think he finds her cute too to be honest. Big eyes, cutie pie face, small girl’s voice. What more?? Are you trying to kid with me?? Of course there is more. She is definitely much more mature now as comapared to a few years ago when she first acted in the Laughing Gor drama. You can see that she is now a lady as compared to the little girl back then if you actually follow her news and progress through the years. Conclusion?? She is just the dream girl for every guy definitely. Oh my god. Cute max yet hot at the same time. Who can beat that?? Nobody. Cannot describe more as to how happie I was before, during and after the movie. It was definitely worth the trip down to NEX for her be it I was deadbeat.

Fast forward to half an hour ago. Oh my god. The pure thoughts and blogging of her just removed any grumpiness in me totally, like totally. So, I am a happie man now. I shall forgive and forget. Just want to comment that PLEASE DO NOT EVER EVER ASK ME TO DRIVE YOU AROUND IF YOU THINK THAT YOU ARE SO GOOD AND THAT I CANNOT USE THE CAR WHEN IT IS JUST ROTTING ITS VALUE AWAY!!!!


Thank you.

Weird weekend

5 Feb

Just a very short entry to summarize my days from Friday till today. Nothing much to blog about anyways.

Friday was supposed to be a day whereby a few of us looked forward to meeting our friends in CPF for a reunion dinner that was planned well beforehand. The organiser, Ah Kong, even made an extra effort the night before to prepare his attire and cam-whored for us to see if it was suitable or not. Trust me, he seldom does that. Always seeing him in tee and berms only on school days, I could see that he was looking forward and saw it as an important event. However, as the days wore by, more and more peeps decided to give the dinner a miss. For those (or rather just one) who had their homework/coursework to rush through, definitely I am not commenting on you. I understand that school and studies always come first. No problem with that. But hey what a lame excuse (oh I meant reason in your eyes) is a broken down computer or I am not feeling well (’cause I went to have fun the night before)?? That’s utter rubbish. If you are not interested to meet, no problems with that at all. I am not interested to meet you people too honestly but I appreciate the effort made by Ah Kong to organise the dinner, thats why I agreed to attend. Just do not agree to come in the first place. You made the organiser excited and also to put in the effort to think and reserve a place for you and you happily decided to not turn up on the very day itself. Be it that your excuses are valid or not, I do not think it’s very nice of you people to do that. Nevertheless, I am happie that there are still true friends around and the 4 of us had a very FULL and NICE dinner. Ah Kong met a friend during the dinner and we were talking about the friend from then on. Pretty fun after all, though I did not cook at all!! Went on to have an Udder’s ice cream after the dinner and we met Ah Kong’s friend and company again there. A pity that my statistics were just too good (guess Shawn would uds what I meant).

Well, Saturday was just lame and boring. What did I do?? Oh, I woke up, went to the Singpost to collect a parcel for my sister and delivered lunch for her and my nephew. Thank my god that my nephew is all well and kicking again. Was really worried on Friday when I heard that he went into the hospital. Thank you.

And today is Sunday. Yet another boring day. Woke up around 1 plus in the afternoon. Did nothing but when I decided to do something. I did something wrong. I am sorry for the person whom I actually apps 2 hrs ago. So sorry for creating some unwanted trouble for you. Did not mean it seriously. Shall not apps you anymore.

That’s all.

Cherry Potato

2 Feb

Okay, this is an entry that one of my not so familiar friends forced me to write for days. And since she offered us a venue to gamble and also volunteered herself for me to write about, I shall not be nice and write so much as I could about her. Well, not much to write about her too as well, ’cause we are not that ‘shou’ after all right Cherry??

Have seen her more than what I had seen her altogether before during our days at work and kind of got to know her better during these few meetings. Maybe we should start with the first meeting last week.

When I first met her at the bus interchange, she was being her usual self, with make up and everything. For a person who would actually put on make up pretty often, one would expect her place to be quite neat and tidy. However, when I went over to her place, that was not pretty much the case. Untidy, messy with stuff lying all over the place. Clothes, shoes, earrings everywhere. That’s so unlikely a place of keeps for a ‘shu nu’ please Cherry, who always claims that she is a ‘mei li de shu nu’. Okay, what I had just written was to make up some numbers so that the entry would not look so short and pathetic. And oh yes, I do have to admit. She look-ED cute. Yes, with the -ED ’cause that was when she was younger and more innocent looking.

Here comes the main part. Character-wise.

So last week was the first time that I actually spent some time interacting with her as she was always busy with her SWW during our working days. During our game of mahjong, it could be seen that she is noisy. Well, being noisy is not a bad thing so long you are not naggy. She likes to laugh pretty much, like a crazy potato. Just laughing at almost anything. With little general knowledge as she is always asking me this and that, whether is it a HK- people thing or not. As time wore on that night, she started to comment on little things that I do as ‘I think it’s a HK-people thing’. Wow, that’s a compliment as I did not know that I represent HK until that day. Thank you, Cherry!!

Following up with another couple more meetings, including today, I start to get more ‘shou’ with her and thus maybe I also get to know her slightly better. Still the same old thing, as usual she likes to laugh hysterically, like a horse (as quoted from Shawn), and her laughing point is pretty low. It is a good thing to be always laughing every small little thing. Hope that she is always also as happie actually. Do no want to comment much on this portion until I get to know her more. I can also see that she does have a lot of friends who can flock together with her. With pretty much the same hobby and she is always able to gather people to play mahjong somehow somewhat. A trait about her character, which is both good and bad though, is that she loves to protect her friends. Strike 3 Cherry!! Or okay, 2.5 maybe?? Every friend is cute, pretty, bla bla bla or whatever good things that she could think of in her opinion but well, Shawn and I are your friends too. Okay, maybe all I can say is that either we cannot believe you anymore or we have high expectations. Or rather, we should not ask you how your friend looks like as we would have a high standard of expectation based on what you said. With that being said, it does not mean that I am commenting on their looks. It is plainly just that they are not reflective of your descriptions pretty much. Well of course, first impression and character count a pretty much part too.

Well, that’s what I had observed so far during these 3 meetings about her. Lastly, I shall give some honest advice and some last words. First, it is absolutely alright for you to get small small wins (yi tai liang tai). No problem with me at all. At the end of the day, from what I have seen, of course you do win money but if you were to play with people who are even more intense or more skilful than me, I am afraid you would not be able to win that much. A win of mine is maybe even more than 5 wins of yours. Of course you have your choice and style of play but it is just my advice for you though. Second, it is always good to be smiling and laughing, although I do not know whether you are really happie or not. That is not for me to find out but for yourself to know. Do know what you really want in life and do live your life to the fullest without regrets because up till now, nobody knows whether we are going to have a reincarnation or not. Life is short. Do what you want. But always remember to stay happie. We are always sticking around here so you can always look for us regarding anything. Lastly, STAY GULLIBLE!! So that we can continue to cheat you to ask your mummy regarding your EXACT shoe size to the nearest decimal point. I do think that you are a nice lovely little girl to be friends with. Stay happie and stay young okay??