Weird weekend

5 Feb

Just a very short entry to summarize my days from Friday till today. Nothing much to blog about anyways.

Friday was supposed to be a day whereby a few of us looked forward to meeting our friends in CPF for a reunion dinner that was planned well beforehand. The organiser, Ah Kong, even made an extra effort the night before to prepare his attire and cam-whored for us to see if it was suitable or not. Trust me, he seldom does that. Always seeing him in tee and berms only on school days, I could see that he was looking forward and saw it as an important event. However, as the days wore by, more and more peeps decided to give the dinner a miss. For those (or rather just one) who had their homework/coursework to rush through, definitely I am not commenting on you. I understand that school and studies always come first. No problem with that. But hey what a lame excuse (oh I meant reason in your eyes) is a broken down computer or I am not feeling well (’cause I went to have fun the night before)?? That’s utter rubbish. If you are not interested to meet, no problems with that at all. I am not interested to meet you people too honestly but I appreciate the effort made by Ah Kong to organise the dinner, thats why I agreed to attend. Just do not agree to come in the first place. You made the organiser excited and also to put in the effort to think and reserve a place for you and you happily decided to not turn up on the very day itself. Be it that your excuses are valid or not, I do not think it’s very nice of you people to do that. Nevertheless, I am happie that there are still true friends around and the 4 of us had a very FULL and NICE dinner. Ah Kong met a friend during the dinner and we were talking about the friend from then on. Pretty fun after all, though I did not cook at all!! Went on to have an Udder’s ice cream after the dinner and we met Ah Kong’s friend and company again there. A pity that my statistics were just too good (guess Shawn would uds what I meant).

Well, Saturday was just lame and boring. What did I do?? Oh, I woke up, went to the Singpost to collect a parcel for my sister and delivered lunch for her and my nephew. Thank my god that my nephew is all well and kicking again. Was really worried on Friday when I heard that he went into the hospital. Thank you.

And today is Sunday. Yet another boring day. Woke up around 1 plus in the afternoon. Did nothing but when I decided to do something. I did something wrong. I am sorry for the person whom I actually apps 2 hrs ago. So sorry for creating some unwanted trouble for you. Did not mean it seriously. Shall not apps you anymore.

That’s all.


3 Responses to “Weird weekend”

  1. expertism February 5, 2012 at 2:37 pm #

    I understand your frustration of people ps-ing in the last minute all too well. Just for the record, the broken down computer and not feeling too well are excuses provided by same person or other people? Read liao like not clear sia haha

    • maybe I am shawn February 5, 2012 at 3:24 pm #

      Different people lol

    • numbintheheart February 6, 2012 at 1:25 am #

      Ya lor…damn sian right?? Hais…people just don’t uds and appreciate what others do…different people…

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