Irritating day.

10 Feb

A good day turned bad just by the snap of fingers.

Today was supposed to be a pretty good day for a boring person like me but a small little incident just turned it bad totally for me. And I am under constant fire now. And oh my god, my mother is not working tomorrow. Which means to say that I would not be able to get my beauty sleep tomorrow. Oh dear.

Managing to wake up early in the morning on 3 hours of sleep, I went for my Econometrics class at 830. Was boring as usual and Kelvin triggered me to check on my Weibo account for any new updates by the celebrities whom I have been following. While browsing through the updates, I came to realise that 江若琳’s new movie has just been released the day before and immediately I started to ‘jio’ people to watch with me. Without any doubt, I knew beforehand that the movie was gonna be pretty predictable, boring and without much substance. However, I would still insist to watch it as 江若琳 is the female lead in it. Oh my god. She is just so cute. And so a very nice person in the mould of Kelvin agreed to catch it with me after he checked that we could get the tickets at student price and on the condition that we would watch it at NEX. Well, for 江若琳, anything goes. Even Tampines would be like next door for me.

With an excited heart, we drove to NEX after class and had BK for lunch. To be honest, I pretty much like to talk to Kelvin. Sometimes seeerious, and yet at times very lame and funnie. He never fails to make me smile. A nice person indeed, just a tad too insistent at times though. Anyways, after lunch, we walked a bit since there was still time to burn (shows how fast I always drive!!). Went to Starbucks in a bid to get the Valentine’s Day collectible tumbler but sadly, it was already out of stock pretty much long ago according to the staff. Should not had been lazy all this while and not visit any outlet earlier to get it. And soon it was time for movie.

In the cinema, true to the fact that the seats are very much comfy to sit and lean on, and we were chattering away again while waiting for the trailers to start. In came more people and they were mainly the student and the older crowd. We kinda looked weird in there. Something that caught our eyes was this row of students who actually chose to sit with an uncle in between them. For example, the row has 5 seats, numbered 1-5. There were 4 of them and they sat in the seats numbered 1, 3-5 while the uncle, who we were sure they do not know, sat in the 2nd seat. Weird? There were available and empty rows behind them. And now time for the movie!

Oh my god!!! 江若琳 is just so cute!!! That’s all that I can say when she first came onto the screen. I was bugging Kelvin throughout the movie about how cute she was and I was acting like some crazy fan over her. Reaction from Kelvin: nonchalent as usual but I think he finds her cute too to be honest. Big eyes, cutie pie face, small girl’s voice. What more?? Are you trying to kid with me?? Of course there is more. She is definitely much more mature now as comapared to a few years ago when she first acted in the Laughing Gor drama. You can see that she is now a lady as compared to the little girl back then if you actually follow her news and progress through the years. Conclusion?? She is just the dream girl for every guy definitely. Oh my god. Cute max yet hot at the same time. Who can beat that?? Nobody. Cannot describe more as to how happie I was before, during and after the movie. It was definitely worth the trip down to NEX for her be it I was deadbeat.

Fast forward to half an hour ago. Oh my god. The pure thoughts and blogging of her just removed any grumpiness in me totally, like totally. So, I am a happie man now. I shall forgive and forget. Just want to comment that PLEASE DO NOT EVER EVER ASK ME TO DRIVE YOU AROUND IF YOU THINK THAT YOU ARE SO GOOD AND THAT I CANNOT USE THE CAR WHEN IT IS JUST ROTTING ITS VALUE AWAY!!!!


Thank you.


6 Responses to “Irritating day.”

  1. expertism February 10, 2012 at 9:35 pm #

    Hehe 1 read jiu noe must be ur mum or sis pissed u off lol

    • numbintheheart February 10, 2012 at 9:48 pm #

      hahaha you damn free sia…just posted not long jiu read and comment liao…my mum sia…ggrrr

  2. I might be Shawn February 11, 2012 at 12:46 am #

    U are a big boy now. What’s ur BCCT and ACCT for if u don’t use it. Gogo break some bones

    • numbintheheart February 11, 2012 at 2:47 am #

      Break whose bones?? Hahaha I am a good boy, I don’t do silly things. (Decode: I scared~~)

  3. KT February 11, 2012 at 10:31 am #

    You sounded like my brother when he came back from the SNSD concert sia.. fan boy!!

    • numbintheheart February 11, 2012 at 1:20 pm #

      hahaha 江若琳 ftw mans…she is the best…my new goddess!!!

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