Hi, my friend.

15 Feb

Everybody is born in a different way with an unique character. Nobody is perfect and no one can fully understand another person. I always try to put in an effort to understand each and every of my friends ’cause I care and they all mean something to me. Something very important. Well though, that’s not exactly the case for this particular friend of mine whom I have been contacting pretty much recently. It is a she and I am definitely not trying to chase after her. I just treat her as a friend of mine who has pretty much alike favourites as me. A nice friend to talk to definitely and I like her being very 大喇喇, very herself. I like this as a friend ’cause she is always being true and not acting like a hypocrite in front of me. Very honest and true person. However, I really have some problems trying to understand her. On one hand, I like her being very 大喇喇 and straight forward, on the other, I feel that she is pretty fierce and has a real short fuse. Well, I do not judge people from what they say and I hear. I receive feedbacks from her friends that she gets angry very easily. However, I always like to understand and judge ‘the book and its contents’ using my own eyes.

So, recently, I met her for lunch after a haircut. Ever since, we had been apps-ing pretty often and I started to understand her more than before. Cautiously, I would always try to draw a very clear line at first due to the feedbacks about her being a bit sensitive and with a short fuse. As we talked more often, I realised that she is a nice to talk to person and can be a fun loving girl too. As such, I started to crack some lame jokes and talked crap with her. She would very frequently talked about her Ka Wing (郑嘉颖) and I would act shy that she is talking about me but I would also spend much time trying to convince her that our names are different actually though I am called Ka Wing too but my Chinese name is 家荣 instead.

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. Our friend, Kian Tiong, posted a picture of a Stitch flower boutique, which is obviously made up of many Stitch plush toys as the flowers. I love it, it’s so cute and obviously as a Stitch fan like me, she likes it too. And she went on to comment that if I could look for it and get it for her, she is willing to be my 江若琳. Obviously, I am not looking for that but I went on to find whether the boutique is really for sale. I would not say that it’s really hard to find but I did spent an effort to look for it. Thus, I decided that I should get it for her for her birthday which is coming up next month. And trust me, it does really require some effort to even make an order for it. Reason for getting it for her: Like I mentioned earlier, not to chase her but it’s really hard to find somebody who has the same favourite cartoon character as me. That is why I really do not mind getting it for her as I think I would be happie to see her smiling when she receives the boutique.

After I found out where I could get the boutique, I told her about it. She asked me where I found it and how much is it. Obviously I would not reveal as I was planning to send her as a surprise birthday gift. I did told her that if I managed to solve the problem of ordering then she would be receiving one from me. She mentioned that she was not really looking for me to buy it for her. I know and understand that she meant it. I also know that she has the financial means definitely to buy it for herself. Hello, I am not trying to impress/beg/INSULT you in any way by wanting to get it for you right?? Please do not misunderstand my intentions if you do not know them. I also recognised that I should not have brought it up so often throughout the day, especially when I had the intention of surprising you with it for your birthday. On that part itself, it was my bad. I recognised it. However, I am not happie with the fact that you shared this with your di and mei, especially the my apology for you. I think that it’s a matter between just the two of us and I do not appreciate that you shared it with somebody else, especially somebody whom I know as well. In turn, I received a lecture on magicians not using the same trick throughout the whole show. First up, I am not a magician or a clown. I do not do things to amuse people nor do I need the person to appreciate what I do. Secondly, I always use the same, old 梗 with my other friends for even up to a month. They might not laugh at it but they do not get angry. I simply think that your views are biased. Lastly, I do not need a lecture on how I should act and behave. I should do and act the way that I want to, and please do not think that I know her that well that I know when she meant it or when she does not. I am not as close as you with her. I believe that I have said worse things than what happened yesterday and yet she did not get angry back then.

Overall, I think that it’s purely a misunderstanding between the two of us. Things are not as serious as sounded by her in Twitter. It’s too serious the way that she had put it across. To me, it’s just a joke that I have overused unknowingly. That’s all. It should just end there and that’s it. You are still a very nice friend of mine whom I can spend time talking to and you are a helpful friend who is willing to help my friend to book a chalet for her 21st birthday. Everybody has their flaws. Nobody is perfect. We just misunderstood each other but things end here. Thank you.


3 Responses to “Hi, my friend.”

  1. KT February 16, 2012 at 12:16 am #

    Erm kinda my fault that i tagged you 2 tgt >< But cos of the hp cover thingy.. your names popped up when i saw the pic

    • numbintheheart February 16, 2012 at 1:41 am #

      …hahaha come on la…nobody’s fault and the matter ended there already so yeah…over and done with already…

  2. I might be Shawn February 16, 2012 at 10:01 am #

    I say its all kw’s fault. kt its his fault

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