Random post to vent anger.

7 Mar

Okay, this is going to be an ultra short post because I am really pissed off by something. Just finished watching episode 16 of a currently airing HK drama about doctors and I decided to check out on the ratings for the drama as it’s pretty nice in my opinion. Ratings are pretty good, averaging 30 points thus far. Well, this is not what pissed me off of course.

After checking out on the ratings, I turned on my funshion to see whether there are any new movies available and saw something that angered me. They are promoting the medical drama that I am watching and yet again they are ‘selling’ it as a drama that is a ‘copycat’ of what was broadcasted in another country. I am seriously sick and tired of all these people who are always commenting that HK dramas are just a photocopy of their country’s serials. Come on, the setting of the drama and stuff might be similar but oh please, you can produce your own drama, why can’t we? It is not as though you people are the first to produce dramas regarding doctors? Moreover, you are not the first to ‘invent’ the term ‘doctors’. I respect whatever you produced so please respect others too. If your country’s dramas received good ratings, I congratulate you. But I really think that it’s disrecpectful to comment that ours’ is a photocopy. Thank you.


3 Responses to “Random post to vent anger.”

  1. expertism March 7, 2012 at 12:29 am #

    oei, u singaporean right? why u feel so attached to hong kong? get ur allegiance right hor!

  2. I might be Shawn March 7, 2012 at 8:30 am #


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