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Boring Sunday.

17 Jun

Happie Father’s Day to all dads around the world!! Yay!! No, this is just another boring Sunday at home for me. Well, at least in the afternoon right now while I am ending this barren run of my blog account. Even though my family would be heading out for dinner to ‘celebrate’ Father’s Day with my dad, I honestly do not think that it would be a fantastic evening out later. Many would suggest saying that ‘if you have already set out the mood for the event before it were to happen, of course it would turn out to be that case as expected.’ Well, this all comes from years of experience in the family so I can rightfully predict what is going to happen. Anyway, this is not the main topic that I would like to talk about today.

(side-note to self: It has been a long time since I have last compose proper sentences and I think I suck in that now while I am looking at the structure of my above paragraph.)

While saying that was not the main topic of my post, I do not really have a main, like MAIN topic to talk about today. One of the reasons might be because I have too much to talk about and I have not been really talking about these things to anybody these days. Having been staying at home pretty much of the time, not eagerly/hoping to look for a job and being plain lazy just kill my desire to step out of my house to look for my friends these days. Another reason maybe due to the fact that I do not wish to step out of my little cozy world here at home in order to escape from facing the brutality of the outside world. Day by day, bit by bit, I am feeling more unfamiliar with the real world. The surroundings are getting so undesirable, so unbearable for me. People around me are also getting a little too fake for me to be true to them or for me to even want to face them at all. All these little things that I feel these days led me to rather stay at home where I could live in my own ‘Utopia state’. This is where I feel the most comfortable in. And let me be honest with myself too. I hate to stay at home. I want to go out and see the world but it is really too much for me to face outside. Each and every single time I chose to go out and meet my friends for lunch or something, I would come home feeling hurt and affected. On the other hand, one reason why I do not like to meet my friends nowadays is because I do not want to bore them with my ‘argh, not again’ persistent issues. My friends do not deserve to be affected by my emotional state. They deserve to be happie if they were to meet me. All in all, I would really rather sluggishly stay home and catch some stupid idol dramas. Some of my friends would comment that, ‘Oh please, the ending is always so typical. Why do you still wanna watch it?’ Well, of course I know that the ending would always be similar for all idol dramas but the reason why I would like to watch them is due to the fact that only in these dramas where I can have that slightest feeling of a happie ending for everybody at the end of the day.

Before I end my post, I would like to share about something that I have recently been enlightened to understand. As many of my closer friends would know, I am always interested in the body language of people and also to understand human beings’ behaviour. I am always trying very hard to learn more by understanding the meaning and motive of people from their little actions and of course, their body language. I realise that it is seriously a tough call to make most of the time from people’s actions, especially if you do not actually know them personally beforehand. I am not too sure if I actually got this right but from what I know, ain’t we supposed to be able to understand what a person is thinking by their actions alone even if we do not know them beforehand?? If this is so, wow, trust me, body language is really an extremely tough skill to grasp because what they do might not be what they are really thinking. And happenings to me in recent times have really enticed me not to even dare to attempt to do anything anymore ever again because the consequences are always dire and not what I was expecting. That is very taunting and scary. Maybe I am really getting older and not as daring as before like I have mentioned time and again to my friends.

Yes?? No?? Maybe??

No is always the answer I would get from friends. However, yes is always the answer I would get from my targetted party.